These are the rules in Sluggerpedia.

A * means it's permissive to Administrators only. A ** means that only Admins can issue it.


These Templates can be only used if a user isn't following a rule. Blocks can be only used if that user is still breaking a rule after a Last Warning.




Template:Last Warning


Level One OffensesEdit

Level one offenses are low level offenses and are given through the Reminder and Imagefix templates. Infractions that deserve a Reminder template include:

  • Consistently writing with bad grammar/spelling (some leniency for non-native English speakers)
  • Not entering coding correctly
  • Entering speculation into articles
  • Making too many consecutive edits to one page
  • Creating Fanon-Games
  • Removing other user's comments/Votes (Unless it's Spam, Flame, or Vandlisim.)
  • Adding unnecessary amounts of off-topic information or Trivia
  • Uploading unnecessary files, including duplicate images

Infractions that deserve a Image Warning template include:

  • Having too many Gifs
  • Uploading Massive Images
  • Having To many Personal Images
  • Violating the Image Policy

Level Two OffensesEdit

Level two offenses are mid level offenses and are given through the Warning template. Infractions that deserve a Warning template include:

  • Entering false information into articles
  • Creating Off-Topic Articles
  • Participating in an edit war
  • Abusing warning privileges (handing out undeserved warnings or joke warnings, including tampering with warning templates for informal usage)
  • Removing a warning
  • Editing Other Userpages*
  • Advertising (However, Clubs are okay.)
  • Flaming at other users
  • Spamming Pages
  • Cussing (Allowed Words: Stupid, Dumb, Idiot.)

Level Three OffensesEdit

Level three offenses are high level offenses and given through the Last Warning template. Infractions that deserve a Lastwarn template include:

  • Minor vandalism (like removing information for no reason, adding comments to an article, etc.)
  • Falsely calming to be an Administrator
  • Impersonating another user
  • Creating sockpuppets **
  • Undermining admin authority **
  • Trolling at other users

Level Four OffensesEdit

Also see The Block List.

Level four offenses are offenses which warrant an automatic infinite ban. Infractions which are considered level four offenses include:

  • Major vandalism (like blanking pages, uploading inappropriate images, unprovoked flaming, etc.)
  • Possessing an inappropriate username
  • Creating sockpuppets during a temporary block (will extend the block the first time and become an infinite ban the second time)
  • Creating an account just to make inflammatory comments

Please note that any sockpuppets of an existing account are automatically banned.