Update 5/26/19 - Woah! This really zaps me back to 2013, lol. This wiki was something I made when I was nine years old so that explains the quality of everything! I've had some fond memories doing this even though it wasn't that active aside from a couple of old MarioWiki friends. Unfortunately though my interest in running it has waned along with my involvement in the Mario Wiki Community, and I have no plans in reviving it since I have moved on to many other things. And I just realized that I created this place exactly six years ago what a coincidence lmao!

Despite that, this place gives me nostalgia attacks, so it along with the forum will be kept as a relic. Thanks for the fun times!

-- Boo4761/Randombob-omb4761

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Boo is a Default Teamate in the Mario Baseball series, he has good pitch and speed but poor bat and field.

He also has Good chemistry with Blooper,King Boo,Shy Guy, and Magiakoopa and bad chemistry with Luigi,Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi.

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