Princess Peach
Princess Peach
Princess Peach in Mario Super Sluggers.
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance Mario Superstar Baseball (2005)
Latest Appearance Mario Super Sluggers (2008)

Princess Peach is the princess of Mushroom Kingdoom. She's often kiddnaped by Bowser and Mario has to rescue her.

Team Name: "Peach Monarchs"

Star Pitch: "Heart Ball"

Star Swing: "Heart Swing"


Peach's stage is the ice ring "Peach Ice Garden", there are two Mushroom towers on both sides of the ring, star-shaped decorations adorn the stadium, and garland is strung atop the walls, and blue tapestry is mounted on the walls. In addition, there are stain-glass windows similar to the fresco at Princess Peach's Castle. Towards the back of the field is a huge golden stage with a massive blue screen showing a depiction of Peach’s Castle. Behind where the batter stands are two flights of stairs covered with red carpeting. Where the two stair wells meet is a huge golden statue of Princess Peach and a view of the garden outside. The spectators are all Toads who watch from elevated seating sections. At night, the stadium appears dark blue and is illuminated by bright neon lights, and shining Gold snowflakes shaped like stars are spread across the stadium. The chandeliers and the statue of Peach appear silver during the nighttime, too.<


Good Chemistry:

Bad Chemistry:


Pitch: 9/10

Bat: 4/10

Field: 8/10

Run: 4/10